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forex blog

Forex blog is a site that provides forex traders with the latest currency market news, analysis and trading tips. The information is updated daily and helps to improve your knowledge of the market.

The website offers a large amount of useful content and features an interview section with other bloggers. This makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.

Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller is a forex trader who teaches the principles of price action trading strategies. His Web site focuses on simple yet powerful trading strategies that can transform newbies into successful traders.

He has a massive library of free forex videos and articles which run the gamut from price action strategy to trading psychology and money management.

His website also includes a huge community of fellow traders who share their knowledge and experience. This makes his community a must-join for any aspiring forex trader.

He is a market analyst, coach, and author who specializes in price action trading. He has a unique keep it simple trading philosophy that you won’t find anywhere else. He’s also a master of back testing strategies to uncover hidden winners that can boost your winnings.

Trading NRG

Trading NRG is a forex blog that offers you the latest news on energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas as well as precious metals. It also provides you with daily fundamental and technical analysis of the currency market.

In addition, the forex blog focuses on the development of profitable trading strategies and special settings for rare indicators. It also covers the basics of money management rules, risk management system and trading psychology.

NRG (NYSE:NRG) is a top U.S. electric utility that has a Zacks VGM score of A. This means that it is a good stock to buy right now, especially with its EPS rising year-over-year.

Trading Alphaville

Trading Alphaville is a daily news and commentary service for financial market professionals, founded by the Financial Times in 2006. Its team of seven in New York, London and Mumbai write between six and eight posts a day. They publish on a range of topics, including foreign exchange, bonds, stock markets and derivatives.

In 2016, the FT Alphaville team organised Camp Alphaville, an annual finance festival in London that was attended by over 1000 people. It featured rolling discussions and interviews with speakers on a main stage and more focused ones on the sidelines in inflatable igloos.

In an attempt to find a relationship between FT Alphaville news and excess stock returns, Sujeet Indap, a student in FT Alphaville’s master of finance programme, built a model using the FT API. It found that a significant number of Alphaville mentions of financial companies in the last 18 months significantly skews the model’s estimates of excess stock returns.

Traders Opinion

Traders Opinion is a great Forex blog written on an extremely high level, and is well worth a read for any trader. The author, Casey, offers trading insights that are fresh and relevant. He also does not put a lot of effort into the design of his blog, which helps focus the reader on the content, which is what most people are looking for when reading a Forex blog.

LiteFinance is another popular and full source of regularly updated Forex information, essential to trade successfully and improve your skills. The site features a wide archive of useful information, and has many categories to choose from, including an interview section with other bloggers. Its simple and clear design makes it easy to use, and the content is well worth a look. The downside is that the site’s ads are a little too intrusive for some users. However, the blog is on the right path to becoming a leading Forex site.

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